Kathrin Karras

Artist Statement

At the core of my work resides the human being…etched into a portrait, a landscape, tracing the waves of transformation, and especially as is manifest in the poetry of dreams.
I’m deeply moved and captivated by the human predicament, the stories, and that which infuses life and is challenged by fear.
How do we become who we are? Where are we from? Where are going? What remains after all is said and done?
I’m reaching into the richness of beingness by collecting stories and dreams- those of others, and my own.
Photography is a searching for clues, within and without.

Kathrin Karras

About the Artist

Kathrin Karras, was born in Guben in 1967, she lives and works im Löwenberger Land (Brandenburg).

From within her own spectrum, she developed an usually captivating visual language that takes inspiration from the lived- not however the external, but more so the internal worlds.
Her transformations seem analogous to a ritual, her visual choices are an energetic transmission as characteristically found in painting and poetry. Art’s strength to conjure unknown realms into daylight is virtuously at play in Karras’ work. (excerpt)

Gundula Schulze Eldowy


schooldays in Guben und Cottbus

education in typesetting technology with high school diploma in Berlin

study of photography, imago-fotokunst Berlin, Artistic Director Ursula Kelm

autodidactic study of photography, Mentors: Ursula Kelm und Gundula Schulze Eldowy

since 2017 member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Brandenburg e.V.


Brandenburg Art Prize – nominated

Mixed up Federal Prize – Winner of the federal competition for cultural educational partnerships for the photo project Hidden Places (with DKB Stiftung and EXIN OS Zehdenick)

AOK Northeast Art Prize – nominated

8.International Barnack Bienale – recognition

Youth award for fine arts – recognition from the Sparkasse Spree Neisse

Teaching Activities

Monastery gallery Zehdenick – Perception and art in dialogue

Foundation of the Deutsche Kreditbank AG – Photography project
Hidden Places

Northern Brandenburg cultural network e.V. – Artistic design in cooperation with schools


Collection zukunft im zentrum gmbh berlin
various private collections